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Do you have an edited manuscript that needs to be prepared for publication? You’ve come to the right place for covers and interior design.

We will help you create a beautiful book that presents you, your content, and/or your business beautifully and professionally.

"I highly recommend Alice as a Book Cover Designer, having the privilege of working with her in the creation of three of my own book covers, as well as a book cover for a colleague. Alice combines her diverse artistic talents with a keen perception of market strategies to produce front and back covers that will catch the eye of potential readers. She is well versed in the technical specifications demanded by self-publishing companies and can guide any novice through the process."
Katherine Walden

Some of our designs . . .

omnibus box set cover non fiction self help
Decorative interior layout for authors and writers
book cover and interior formatting for multi author project
Custom nonfiction book cover design
nonfiction book cover design
Petty Queen book cover and formatting example for indie author
typesetting for indie author

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