Located in the Lubbock, TX area, we serve clients all over the world specializing in covers for the Christian non-fiction market, we stay abreast of design trends generally, and specifically for that market. As artists, designers, and self-published authors, we understand the importance of an excellent book cover, polished interior, as well as the process from idea to manuscript to finished, published product. It is a delight for us to help you see your project to completion!

Kingdom Covers was created to provide self-publishing authors quality covers for a reasonable cost. As each author and project is unique, various options are available to suit every budget and design need. We've partnered with photographers and other artists in order to offer you unique imagery to stand out from the crowd.

All covers are exclusive, and will never be resold. Stock images may be used again, but will not be used in the same way. Stock images are purchased from reputable sites with a standard license good for up to 500,000 copies of books printed. If you sell more books than that (Congratulations!!!), you'll need to purchase an extended license.

Other legalities are found here.

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