Persevering Ink

Book Coaching and Encouragement for Authors

  • Do you have a book you’re wanting to write, but you’re not sure how to begin?
  • Have you started a book but got lost in the weeds and abandoned it?
  • Are you slogging through the muddy middle and need encouragement to keep going?

Brought to you by popular request, you’re invited to become a part of a unique coaching program. We’ll hop on a zoom call and set up your personalized plan, and then I’ll check in with you periodically via email or zoom based on your package. I know people are motivated by different factors and need various levels of assistance and encouragement, so there are upgrades available to receive physical mail (yes, even internationally!) and/or monthly 1:1 sessions.

Choose your plan

Click through to see the pricing for longer timeframes.

The Nudge

$ 300
For 3 months
  • Personal Plan
  • Email check-ins 2x/mo

The Encourager

$ 400
For 3 Months
  • Personal Plan
  • Email check-ins weekly
  • Celebration Postcards

The Motivator

$ 1000
For 3 Months
  • Personal Plan
  • Email check-ins at you choose the frequency
  • Celebration Postcards
  • Monthly 1:1 Strategy Session

Hi! I'm Alice Briggs, and I can help you.

For years now, I’ve been coaching new authors as a book interior and cover designer at Kingdom Covers. I’ve been asked more and more recently if I offered book coaching. 

I’ve decided that I need to answer the call. I’m drawing on my experience in publishing more than 30 books in multiple formats, the Creative Director of Indie Author Magazine, and inner healing practitioner to create a unique book coaching experience for you to help you eliminate resistance and gain the tools and strategies you need to successfully indie publish your book!

You can find most of my books where ever books are sold.

My specialties include nonfiction such as:

  • Books as referral tools for businesses that increase the quantity and quality of clients.
  • Art books for artists to display and market their work to potential clients and the trade.
  • Journals, planners, and other graphics intense participatory books.
  • Children’s picture books.
  • And, I am connected to many other writers and editors who are experts in helping writers craft a fabulous fiction tale.