Fore Edge Design Print on Demand embedded in PDF

Bespoke Digital Fore Edge "Painting" for Print on Demand

Attention Authors and Kickstarter Creators!

Are you looking to elevate your book’s allure to extraordinary heights?

Do you dream of captivating your readers with a one-of-a-kind, mesmerizing visual experience?

Look no further! Our unique method of creating digital Fore Edge Painted Designs is the secret to unlocking the full potential of your print on demand masterpiece.

What is Digital Fore Edge Painting?

Fore edge painting is an age-old artistic technique that turns ordinary books into extraordinary works of art. Discreetly hidden within the pages lies a hidden canvas, waiting to be unveiled to those who dare to delve deeper. When you gently fan the book open, intricate illustrations grace the edges, leaving your readers awestruck and enchanted.

We’ve adapted this technique to be a part of your print ready PDF, so every copy will have your unique design without further work from you.

Why Choose Fore Edge Painted Designs?

Embark on Your Book’s Extraordinary Journey Today!

Partner with us to transform your ordinary books into extraordinary works of art. Create unique special editions and Kickstarter editions that leave a lasting mark on the hearts and minds of your readers.

Take your storytelling to unparalleled heights. Let your books shine with the mystique of Digital Fore Edge Painted Designs. Embark on your extraordinary journey by filling out the quote request today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add this to a print ready PDF?

Yes! We can. Indicate this in the quote request below.

Is this visible when the book is open?

Yes, elements of the design form a narrow border on the page.

I need someone to format my book. Can you do that, or do I need to hire someone else?

We offer complete book formatting services and cover design for all formats. We’re happy to work with you for a cohesive design from start to finish. See our full quote request form here.

Is this just for the front edge?

We can also do the top and bottom edges if you desire. This will form a complete border around all edges on all pages of your book, except the gutter (next to the spine).

Is this available in color?

Yes! Absolutely.

Does this cost more to print?

No, the printing cost will remain the same through POD services. Unless you want a color fore edge design on a black and white book, then the color will increase the cost of the printing.

Can you guarantee the design will print perfectly?

We can guarantee that we will design your file to print near perfectly, but print on demand is not a precise method of printing and we cannot guarantee the final outcome, unfortunately. If you want the ultimate in precision, we recommend doing an off-set print run for the best results. In our print on demand tests, a few pages have been off, but the overall design is still powerful and beautiful.

Are there any licensing restrictions?

Your license includes 500,000 print copies.

Digital Fore Edge Painting Quote Request

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