It may not be what you say but how you say it...

As a busy and experienced clinician, you know that one of the biggest difficulties in getting patients the results they desire is lack of follow through on your instructions to them. When a patient completes your protocol (if that’s what you call it!), does their exercises, maintains the frequency of treatment, or whatever other elements there are in your treatment plan, their transformation is faster and more complete, isn’t it?

And the form what you say takes.

Throughout history, books have held status and importance. Even if you’re not a reader, there’s something inspiring when you visit an extensive library, especially if the books are old. To walk through the halls of ancient texts is to walk the paths of the influential thinkers of history.

And, while the modern age has given us vast quantities of information with a few keystrokes, the printed word still impresses and delights us.

The perception of writing a book is that it takes years, and tons of research. It’s a significant undertaking and not one to be entered into lightly. And, there is a place for those kinds of books.

But that’s not what I’m recommending for you here. 

You don’t have time for that.

And it won’t actually do the good that it could if you did.

No, I recommend you borrow on the perceived value of a book, but streamline the process so that the book can take weeks, not years.

Your answer may be a book.

Imagine when you’re handing out a book that you’ve written for your patients, and they are actually reading and applying what’s inside.

It’s very doable, and I will show you how in
The Busy Chiropractor’s Guide to Patient Protocols That Get Results.

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My Experience

When I first started my practice, I created helpful worksheets for my clients so they could maximize their progress while they worked with me. I had them beautifully designed in full color. I would compile them into folders that I would give to my clients on their first visit. They would smile and politely thank me.

A year or two later, I learned how to independently publish. I took those worksheets, expanded them a bit, and created a short book. It’s been available on Amazon ever since. When I ran out of my worksheets, I ordered copies of the book instead to give to my clients.

What happened then astounded me.

Not only were my clients much more visibly impressed that I was giving them a book at the end of that first session, but they brought them back. They read them. They used them. I would see flags and highlights throughout the book when they asked for clarification on a point or two in their next session. 

And, they also made much faster progress towards their goals in working with me than they had previously.

The difference was the information was in the form of a book.

My clients valued the format of the information more, so they were more willing to apply the information and increase their transformation.

Just because I put it in a book.

You Can Easily Have Your Patient Protocols Put Into a Book

In The Busy Chiropractor’s Guide to Patient Protocols that get Results I’ll show you how you can easily convert your patient protocol into a book that gets read and used. You’ll learn:

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