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Many of these links are places to find a wealth of information. Book mark them or this page to refer back to many times over the course of your author career. This page will be updated as new resources become available and/or known.

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Great organization with a lot of excellent material for best practices on many relevant topics as well as a list of discounts available to members. Manages which is also a great resource.

Free facebook group with years of publishing and marketing advice from people just beginning to making millions as indie publishers. They also run a fabulous conference for members each year.

She has a great podcast, classes, and books on helpful topics for the indie author.

Helpful tools to help you sell more books.

They have a great podcast and helpful classes for all stages of your journey

Cover Design & Formatting

Make your project shine!

We provide professional premade and custom cover designs and custom interior formatting for ebook and print. Familiar with KDP and Ingram Spark as well as able to adjust designs to fit any printer or distributor you choose to work with..

premade book covers for indie self published authors

PreMade Book Covers

Ready to add your text and go!

Custom Covers

Three packages to suit your publishing needs.

Book Interior Design or Formatting

Interior Design or Formatting

Customize and coordinate the interior and exterior of your book for a professional finish.

Links to books

Bradley Charbonneau

Joanna Penn

Derek Murphy

Craig Martelle


Link to the first book in the series.

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